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What You Need to Know Before You Purchase a Hardwood Floor

Hardwood flooring is a perfect way to showcase natures’ beauty in your home. There are very many different choices at your disposal when require a hardwood floor. Species of hardwood in the world are very many. This means that a buyer can select hardwood that he prefers since there are many hardwood species. Every type of hardwood has its distinct characteristics which may or may not be fit for you.

The choice of the floor that a homeowner chooses is very crucial. The standard of hardwood floor makes them to be acknowledged. Not all hardwood are created equal. The performance and beauty of the floor is determined by many factors. Some of the companies that sell fine hardwood floors include Baird Brother.

It is crucial to first consider the type of the floor. Before you buy a hardwood floor, there are two choices that you have. There is solid hardwood and engineered hardwood. Solid hardwood are hardwoods that are thick which are produced by milling logs. Engineered wood, is made by plywood core surrounded by veneer layer. Because they do not buckle or wrap at high temperatures, engineered hardwood are most preferred. They are made such that they are able to accommodate humidity and temperature. Baird Brother is a perfect example of companies that will sell you hardwood floor.

It is very important to consider the species of the wood and its grain. Apart from choosing the type of hardwood for you floor, you need to consider the species and the grain of the hardwood. Characteristics such as grain pattern and color of the hardwood is determined by its species. These unique features definitely adds a sense of character to you floor.

You should in addition consider the type of finish that you want for your floor. There are two categories of hardwood floor finish: oil and polyurethane finish. Oil finish is famous for penetrating the wood and having a soft and natural feeling. Oil finish scratches more easily but its scratches are had to notice. The cost of maintaining oil finished floor is low but it is done frequent. On the other side, polyurethane finish rarely get damaged but when damaged it is expensive to carry out maintenance. A finish that rhyme with your house is the best because style is important. Before you purchase consider thing such as the casings, cabinets, wall color and trim to ensure that your hardwood floor doesn’t clash your interior design.

Lastly it is crucial to look at the overall cost of flooring. Budget should be kept in the mind since hardwood floor is a significant investment. The cost of you floor is determined by things such as wood species and the type of floor that you require. The cost of installation, in addition cost half of the total cost.

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