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Why the Legalization of Marijuana is Beneficial

For a long time now, marijuana has been Illegal because of the negative view that society has against it. They have an impression that the marijuana users are not good people which makes their impression towards marijuana negative. This is contradictory because cannabis has a lot of benefits apart from making the user feel high. To realize this benefits fully, it requires for the authorities to legalize the use of cannabis. The legalization of cannabis also carries with it a lot of advantages, some of the many advantages are out listed in the article below.

First, the black market will be eliminated when cannabis is legalized and thus reducing the crime rate. When cannabis is illegal, there are people who will always be having it in their possession where they get it is the black market. The connection between the drug dealers and the black market who avails the marijuana when it is illegal will only help in increasing the crime rate. The crime rate is reduced when cannabis is legalized because all the sellers will be having permission from the authorities and earn the government revenue, this will force the black market to fail and thus cut the connection with the drug dealers. the legalization will also be beneficial as it will help earn the government revenue from the taxes paid by the sellers.

There will be improvement of quality and also safety control when cannabis is legalized. When marijuana is illegal a lot of people get the product from illegal dealers who sell to buyers who don’t exactly know what they are buying and in what quantity. When it is legal, the product will be standardized just like in the alcohol industry which will therefore help in reducing the risks hence increasing its safety. The gangs involved in the selling of cannabis when it is illegal are constantly violent because of fight over customers and rank in the business. Since when the cannabis is legalized the customers are able to buy the cannabis from anywhere there will be no gangs and thus no violence in the streets. This in turn gives the police an easy time and also the streets very safe.

The court and the police should be concentrating on more serious crimes than the use of marijuana. The police won’t be force fight illegal marijuana dealing when it is legalized thus giving them enough time to fight the other serious crimes. You now know the advantages of cannabis legalization and hence are able to make a wise decision to start helping in the push for its legalization.

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